"Camp Kelly is #1"

"Camp Kelly is #1"

Ms. Webb, all her staff, and little helpers at Camp Kelly are the best! Everyone is loving, caring, and understanding of all kids.

Camp Kelly has changed my son, [Pedro] in many ways. [He] loves Camp Kelly so much! He wakes up every day wanting to go to Camp. He wants to see his friends and even asks to see all the staff, to the point he wants to bring them to [our] house. (“Mommy Pedro wants camp in Pedro's house.”)

Camp Kelly has given my son a place where he feels safe. For the first time in many years, [he] wasn't afraid at camp. At Camp Kelly, my son changed his behavior, use[d] his words more, [and] enjoyed being around others. Every day I dropped him off, he was the happiest kid! He would even walk away from me and go straight into camp. At pick-up, Pedro came out of camp the most joyful boy – he just loved it there. 

As a mom, I even got to know other moms and dads who know what I go through on a daily basis. That was also a great experience as a mother. I know a lot of us [who] have kids on the spectrum mostly think no one knows what [we go] through, but at Camp Kelly, it was different. We as parents got to interact with each other and learned more from one another about the challenges with our kids as we waited on our kiddos.

Camp Kelly is a wonderful camp and I would recommend it to every parent to take their kids, it was one of the best decisions I have made for my son. Camp Kelly is #1.”

-Maritiza T

"A parents personal camp experience" 

-Crystal A

"Ms. Nicole is Like Family to Us"

"Ms. Nicole is Like Family to Us"

Nicole Webb came into our lives when our youngest son, Adam, was around 5 years old in 2010.    Now, Adam will be 17, and we're so happy and thankful that we still keep in close contact with Ms. Nicole. She's not just a friend and Adam's former therapist, but she's like family to us. She was amazing when she worked with Adam as his DTT/behavioral therapist many years ago, and I am so happy and thankful that I learned from her and got to experience different strategies of handling certain behaviors that Adam displayed. She changed our lives and Adam's life for the better. As years went by, we were still able to stay in contact with Ms. Nicole at the summer camps she previously managed at The Help Group. She was always so gracious to inform us about the summer camp sessions and we were always so eager to sign the boys up.  

As Ms. Nicole takes on this new journey with New Growth LA, we wish her all the best as we know she will continue to help and make a tremendous impact in so many families' lives.  

We love you, Ms. Nicole!

-Teresa I.

“Safe & Fun Programs for My Boys”

As a single parent who has struggled every year to find the right camp for both of my sons, I was so excited that I found Nicole’s programs. Both of my boys who are twins and very different from each other have autism spectrum disorder and simply could not attend a typical camp program. My boys are able to enjoy their summer, have fun, make friends, and be safe. Nicole’s summer camp provided that for my family for the last 9 years. Having my boys attend Nicole’s program was the best decision I made as a parent.  

-Hugo C.