Week 1 - Enchanted Forest

Each week has a different theme. We try to build activities, crafts, and what we cook around the theme!

Morning Circle where we go over camp rules, our daily visual schedule, I.D.E.A, concept of the day, social skills, learn an ASL sign of the day, being a good sport, and sing camp songs!

Snack at a local park!

The fun is endless with our Parachute!

Snack time!

Working out is more fun when its outside!

Everyone LOVED the petting zoo!

Every animal got a new name, 50 times!

You can find goats in an Enchanted Forest, right?

Water play day is a favorite for everyone!

Staff included!

Crafts are tied into the theme of the week! Is there anything more enchanting than a lighting bug?

We sure have some talented artists!

Just had to highlight some of the creativity!

Making fox masks for a crowd favorite came, Mr. Fox!

Making new friends is the best!

We made dirt cups and everyone helped! The best part was smashing the oreos!

What time is it Mr. Fox?


Crazy hair day was a hit!

Friday Glow Party!

Week 2 - Super Hero

Hero's ranged from Firefighters, to Doctors, to Avengers! Who's your hero?

Morning circle is a great way to start the day off right!

This weeks cooking was rice crispy treats! Pretty sure it was everyones favorite. 

Some of us even learned how to make them Vegan!

We are a big fan of designing your own mask!

Love seeing everyone's creativity!

Pin the star on the shield! Avengers edition.

Some light coding...

Lots of different kinds of blocks come out for free play!

Wednesday is Field Trip Day. It was brutal hot so we had a video game bus come to us

We think it was a hit!

There is a park right across the street from Camp Kelly, some activities included batting practice and standing in trees

First year friends reunited at Camp Kelly, year 2!

If you are outside for water play, you best be prepared to get soaked!

Brought to you by water balloons, soakers, and sprinklers

Fun for everyone!

Just look at those faces!

Week 3 - Camp's Got Talent!

We were busy all week practicing our talents but that didn't stop us from having a red carpet walk, going to Porto's and of course, water play!

Lots of choices for free play! My favorite, BUBBLES!

Limbo, London Bridge, and Obstacle courses. Oh my! Also, shout out to the one picture of our cooking this week. Guacamole! EVERYONE tried it and liked it!

We really need to make up a song for water play

Thank you, Porto's for having us!

Practicing ordering, paying and making sure we get the correct change! And then the best part, Eating!

What's in the box?

Everyone got to walk the Red Carpet!



Skip the Red Carpet? No way!

Oh, and we Tye-Dyed!

Everyone got to make their own trophy for being the best!

I can't tell you how fun the talent show was! We had singers, jokers, runners...

Just look at the turn out!

Arm wrestlers, dancers, art show and so much more!

Everyone was so well behaved. Can't wait for this summers Talent Show!

Week 4 - Carnival

Our last week of camp is always Carnival themed, while the others might change from year to year. Throughout the week we make our own carnival games! 

Camp Kelly
"Come As You Are"

We learned how to make s'mores. They were as delicious as they look.

So proud of how everyone walked together to the  park!

The park was a hit! Some things were a little scary but we had lots of bravery and conquered the slide and bridge!

Professional climber!

Professional hanger!

Some of the crafts we did included underwater globes, possibly the worlds smallest paper airplane and hippo masks for our Human Hungry Hungry Hippo game!

We try to stay away from screens but we do play some video games once a week

Maybe my favorite activiy of the week! Human Hungry Hungry Hippo!

Everyone wins!

End of camp Carnival! We make our own games, have two water slides, bounce house, cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, and most import, FUN!

Just look at those faces!

Everyone pitches in!

This cute frame was made by one of our groups!

We LOVED it!

And thats a wrap on Camp Kelly 2023. Cant wait for summer 2024!