Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access

IDEA is a hot topic today, as it should be; Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) is a term used to describe policies and programs that promote the representation and participation of different groups of individuals, including people of different ages, races, and ethnicities, abilities and disabilities, genders, religions, cultures and sexual orientations.

What does it mean?

Inclusion – the outcome that ensures that inclusion, diversity, equity, and access are represented in an institution.

Diversity – the inclusion of differences in race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, age, abilities, and ethnicity into our society.

Equity – the promotion of social justice and impartiality to make organizations understand the causes of disparity within our world.

Access - the program gives individuals access to community resources and allows for inclusive opportunities. 


The goal is for everyone to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance no matter their differences. Camp Kelly believes that we can all learn from one another and contribute to making happy and successful outcomes for every participant.  Our program does not segregate individuals based on their abilities, we embrace our differences and learn how to work together.  We invite all to join our team in Summer 2022 to participate in our unique camp program.